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Training and Advocacy:


The NGO Federation had undertaken new programs with the assistance of the Aga Khan Foundation for 1) Developing the Capacity of the small NGOs by providing training, and 2) Research and Advocacy for Creation of more Enabling Environment for the NGO Sector and for better Public Perception of the sector. Starting in January 2009, 57 courses on six subjects for 1800 chief executive, managers and the Board members of the small NGOs were designed for next three years. The training subjects were: 1. Office and Accounts Management; 2. Role of the Members of the Executive Board; 3. Group Formation and Microfinance Management; 4. Evaluation, Monitoring and Report Writing; 5. Organisational Management and Development; and 6. Preparation of Project Proposals The Advocacy program includes series of Workshops, Roundtables/Dialogues and Meetings with the policymakers, Government agencies, professionals, private sector and the like at the national and the district levels including media visits to NGO programs. The Federation has also set up its own training outfit with accommodation facilities.


Future Programs 1. Continue dialogues with the authorities concerned with a view to promoting congenial environment for implementing development programs of the NGOs; 2. Undertake programs for creating strong and wider scopes of coordination with the Government agencies and others concerned; 3. Facilitate more access to resources for the small NGOs. 4. Set up a Human Resource Development Centre; 5. Research on role and contribution of the NGO sector in national development.