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In a nutshell the objectives of the Federation are:

  •  Protect and secure the lawful interests of the NGO community at all levels.
  • Promote and support the programs of member NGOs in Bangladesh by creating an enabling environment for them.
  • Enhance the capacity of small member organizations through training.
  • Inculcate amongst members the spirit of development free from partisan politics and sectarianism of all kinds.
  • Encourage gender proactive policies and programs, and programs in the best interest of the poor, the ethnic minority and various marginalized groups including the aged and the disabled.
  • Promote friendly relationship and broad consensus of purpose amongst all NGOs at all levels.
  • Initiate and lead direct and indirect organized action in the best interest of the NGO community in the country.
  • Collect and disseminate statistical and other information and make efforts for the spread of technical, economic and management knowledge to strengthen NGO
    activities in the country.
  • Promote good practices, secular values and ethical standards amongst member NGOs to ensure transparency and fairness in the NGO sector.
  • Promote and establish a Code of Conduct based on honor, equity, good governance, human rights and gender pro-activity amongst members.
  • Establish a Human Resources Development Center for staff development of the NGOs.